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Why Decorating Office Space is Important

Decorating is important for almost all environments. From simple to complex, decorations helps to synchronize, harmonize and add discipline to your life.  Decorating helps to make lavishly built home sand small quaint cottages.  Decorating offices is very important for employee moral and overall mood enhancements.

Decorating your home or work space is not just about beauty but is also important in displaying the ideas of the company or self.  Making homes beautiful through wall stamps, wall paper, paint or more can give the building owner a sense of accomplishment and help to keep the building looking newer and fresh. Read Full Post…

How to Decorate with Wall Stencils

tints wall stencils

Image Reference:

Creating very interesting visual patterns with stencils, like shown above, is a more advanced way of using stencils.

If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your walls or a challenge, both can be found in utilizing the wall stencil.

In the above example, several tints of the original two colors are used to create depth on the wall.

One of the well known “secrets” of art is that things appear lighter as they fade away into the distance and this wall stencil example is a superior example of the use of tints to show depth.  In addition to the tint, the overlap of the stencils helps to embed the effect even more. Read Full Post…

How to Decorate with Wall Stamps

Decorating with wall stamps will be the first post we start with since the blog is called “wallstamps”.  After showing you how to use wall stamps, I’ll also do an article on how to decorate with wall stencils.

Deciding to use wallstamps is a creative decision that you will likely cherish forever.  When you have completed your project you will have a beautiful display of your hard work and vision in real life.

Don’t be surprised if people compliment you on your wall stamping and ask you who did it for you.  There is something so awesome about saying: “I did it!” and if you are the entrepreneur type, you can just tell them that you will be glad to do their too for several hundred dollars….maybe even thousands. Read Full Post…

What are Wall Stamps?

Wall stamps come in a variety of forms and have become more popular in the past several years.

Wall stamps have been around for a long time and historically, if you count cave paintings, have been around since almost the beginning of mankind.

Prior to canvas paintings and framed drawings, the wall stamp has adorned homes and places of businesses and has increased the visual appeal of interior and exterior environments.

Let’s discuss “stamps”.  Generally the term refers to an object that is imprinted upon and an be used several times to create the same image or word.

For the purpose of this blog, wall stamps are anything that is used to decorate a wall that lies on a 2 dimensional plan such as vinyl lettering, painted stencils and other flat additions (besides drawings and paintings) that are made to make the wall a piece of artwork.

I love the idea of wallstamps because you move from just having walls that surround you to living within works of art that you create.  If you choose the stamping correctly, your walls represent and embrace your own unique self and you essentially create an environment that displays 100% you.

Let’s talk about different types of wall stamps:

  • Vinyl Lettering – Extremely popular and used more and more frequently, vinyl letters are used in home and businesses across the globe.   Sayings such as “Live, Laugh, Love” or “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” now have permanent placements on walls in many homes.  Essentially vinyl letters are positive and encouraging quotes that make a statement about the person who put them up or the company that is displaying it on their walls. Vinyl lettering can be used to display business logos in a company office too!   Here’s a sample of a really nice way to use vinyl lettering in your home:Reference:


  • Wall Stencils – Used to paint (instead of stick) on the wall.  More permanent and available in whatever colors you choose.  I like this option for home decorations because you can use any shade of paint you want to compliment the room surroundings.  Wall stencils an be more than words and can involve a display of stencils together to create a large wall pattern on the entire wall or just a small pattern in some portion of the wall.  I personally have utilized this method and have found it to provide a really beautiful pattern.  The whole process of choosing and designing the pattern from the stencil is enjoyable and to see the finished product come to reality is really invigorating.  This is my preferred method of wall decoration.  Wall stencils involve painting through a cut out pattern that is reused again and again.wall stencil




Wall Stamps:  Wall stamps are very similar to wall stencils but can be used more quickly and the stamping process is a little more forgiving of painting fluidity than a stencil is.  In addition, true wall stamps are more of a free form art because lining them up tends to take a little more forethought than the typical wall stencil.

Here is an example of a wall stamp: wall stamps


Here is a fantastic use of wall stencils and is the way I prefer to see them.  When wall stencils are used as an accent wall in a room, they really tend to make things pop and look rather fantastic!  Check out what I found in etsy!

birch stencil

When it comes to using wall stamps or stencils really there are no limits.

I have successfully added wonderful paintings to a variety of my living places throught he years and each place was unique and different.

Each pattern that I tried provided me with a different room feeling and likely offered some sort of reflection of me.

For instance, right now, I have two large walls that were painted. One was painted using wall stencils.  The other was a free form painting that I utilized a projector for.

Using a projector is very laborious and takes more time because you have to draw what you want to pain first.  When you use a stencil, the drawing aspect of it is taken out so the process is generally much faster.

Original wall murals or painting is more organic looking while a stencil tends to look a little more mature and less organic.

Neither one is better than another.  It is just really a part of your own personal preference.  In my morning room, I have used the stencil and it tends to remind me of a more mature mark so I often think of my grandmother when I look at it.  In my family room is my free form painting that was made using a projected image of a silhouette.   The results are organic and peaceful.  This wall reminds me of me and I absolutely adore it.

Having looked at multiple ways to decorate a wall, I prefer the wall stamps or stencils because both have such a natural element to them and the fact that you can use tones and shade of a hue from the main wall make it a beautiful opportunity to help a wall almost glow in your home.